The U.S. faces many domestic challenges as the first decade of the 21st century draws to a close. Highlighted here are a few of the more pressing concerns under public scrutiny.


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

The DREAMers face uncertainty at the hands of partisan politics. Congress needs to act decisively so the young men and women, the future of our country, can move on with their lives which ultimate includes America's prosperity.



The post-Cold War ecology has ushered in an era of chronic instability. More so than ever, it is vitally important to America's security as well as for the promotion of global stability, that America maintain a well-trained and technologically advanced military force.


Investing in education is an investment in America's future and its role as a global leader. Postsecondary education, whether it be a university or trade-school, should be partially funded by the American people as an investment in our collective future.



There is no rational justification for social inequality. Diversity creates strength, resiliency, and tolerance. The #MeToo movement has sent a clear signal: America, the champion of Human Rights, has yet to actualize its full potential as a global leader for social equality and equity.