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Contrary to what some people choose to believe, the United States has never stopped being a Great Country. Despite efforts by the current Executive Branch to undermine our role as a Global Leader, America remains a beacon and symbol for life, liberty, and prosperity. However, our fragile Democracy is under assault by domestic extremists and foreign actors. We can longer afford to be politically disengaged. Only the Majority - INDEPENDENTS - have the power to restore a political foundation based on the tenets of pragmatism, consensus building, and compromise.

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The Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings confirmed a deeply troubling reality, the third balancing branch of our fragile Democracy has become a proxy battleground for the ideological war being waged by Republicans and Democrats alike. The American public is no longer in charge of our sacred Government, reduced to Political Pawns exploited by parties that have become minority interest groups with extremist views. Even more troubling is the pathological ambivalence of so many Americans who willing accept the status quo. Our sacred Democracy has come to a screeching halt. We have become a State controlled by an OLIGARCHY of party elitists.

Moreover, what makes it all so absurd, is that the people who end up suffering the most as a result of this political schism, the average wage-earning American, have the power to fix the system. If we the people, the quintessential Proletariat, continue to abdicate our social responsibility for good governance, than our great country is at risk for continued exploitation by extremists and foreign actors. The real power of our political system is the VOTER, but the people must exercise their right to vote with DISCRETION. Waiting for the duopoly to self-correct and re-center its political platforms is a futile strategy of hope. Only by disrupting the current paradigm, which is a broken system of zero-sum politics, is there any real opportunity to bring about political reform and a re-moderatization of our political system.

Republicans and Democrats have no interest in modifying political platforms to better reflect the broader interests and concerns of mainstream society. Continued manipulation of public discourse solidifies their monopoly over our political system. Typical of a totalitarian regime, those in power do everything they can to remain in power and as the Republican Red-Mapping strategy reveals, politics are no longer local.

Stable and mature democracies are based on a fundamental idea --- advancing the will of the Majority while protecting the rights of the Minority. In stark contrast, our current system is functioning at the complete opposite end of the political spectrum, advancing the will of the Minority while protecting the rights of the Minority. There is no MAJORITY consensus today! The American public has a collective interest ensuring our elected legislatures are the best candidates for sowing unity vice discord.

Our current political system remains inundated with trite and negative campaign ads by candidates who lack independent perspectives (PROXIES ). We should be electing citizens with ORIGINAL thoughts who are objectively open to considering all sides of a divisive issue. Hardworking people of decent character who have the personal courage to balance the interests of their constituents with those of the entire country --- because we are ONE NATION. Stable and peaceful Democracies are only possible when the majority of citizens respect the art of compromise. For the 42% of Americans identifying as Independents, we have a Majority and the power to disrupt the system.




16,207,104 firearms were manufactured & imported in 2016

Gun violence in American is alarming. The United States' rate of Violent Gun Deaths is 3.85 deaths per 100,000 individuals; nearly on par with Iraq, a conflict state with a rate of 4.28 deaths.



Republican Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Projected to Add $1,414 Billion to Deficit

America's gross debt has climbed to a staggering $20.2 trillion and based on current trends, will rise to $31 trillion over the next decade: 110% of GDP by 2027.



71% of Americans Believe Healthcare System is in a state of crisis.

America's troubling healthcare system has become another ideological casualty between partisan extremists: forecasted to consume 19.7% of GDP by 2026.


The U.S. faces many domestic challenges as the first decade of the 21st century draws to a close. Highlighted here are a few of the more pressing concerns under public scrutiny.


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

The DREAMers face uncertainty at the hands of partisan politics. Congress needs to act decisively so the young men and women, the future of our country, can move on with their lives which ultimate includes America's prosperity.



The post-Cold War ecology has ushered in an era of chronic instability. More so than ever, it is vitally important to America's security as well as for the promotion of global stability, that America maintain a well-trained and technologically advanced military force.


Investing in education is an investment in America's future and its role as a global leader. Postsecondary education, whether it be a university or trade-school, should be partially funded by the American people as an investment in our collective future.



There is no rational justification for social inequality. Diversity creates strength, resiliency, and tolerance. The #MeToo movement has sent a clear signal: America, the champion of Human Rights, has yet to actualize its full potential as a global leader for social equality and equity.  



ONLY — THE AMERICAN VOTER — has the power to fix our DYSFUNCTIONAL political system. TOGETHER, the Majority of Americans, the 42% who identify as INDEPENDENT can seize control from the OLIGARCHY that has hijacked OUR BELOVED DEMOCRACY.



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